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The Delphine REVILLON Private Lounge

The private Lounge offers our Premium Members a truly exceptional opportunity to experience the world of the Delphine REVILLON Branc through its core values of conviviality, sharing, prestige and elegance.

Access the Delphine REVILLON Private Lounge thanks to your personal “Premium Member Card” and enjoy a host of advantages:

– Exclusive access to our prestige and/or vintage cuvées

– Opportunity to order special numbered series bottles

– Invitations to launches and private tastings

– Tasting sheets and associated recipes

– A 17% Reduction all year around on your Champagne orders with no minimum purchase, i.e. just 25.50€ per 75cl bottle

– A special gift on your birthday

Enter the Private Lounge:

You earn points each time you order Champagne! As soon as your purchase history for the year reaches 18 bottles we will send you you « Premium Member Card ».

This provides you with access to the Delphine REVILLON Private Lounge as well as a special 17% reduction all year round

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