Interview of Delphine on Grand Lille TV

08 Dec Interview of Delphine on Grand Lille TV

Delphine Révillon returns from her interview at Rdv de l’éco on Grand Lille TV about the launch of the brand Delphine REVILLON Champagne and more broadly about the Business Model of l’Effervescence des Marques.

Ensure a client experience which will be different and will be the holders of their values.

The purpose of L’Effervescence des Marques is to harmonize the world of the Big Brands with the less-known Champagne producers. Our conviction is that we offer some opportunities to expand their theaters of expression and the customer experience of their Brand, while revealing the talents and promoting the Effervescence of others. Our professional role is to develop, promote and distribute prestige Champagne for major names in the Luxury industry, in close collaboration with their communication and marketing teams.

Interview released  on 8th December 2015

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