Delphine REVILLON Universe

Elegance, Character and Refinement

The Signature of Delphine REVILLON
Champagne House

With a great love of Champagne, we explored the “Coteaux Champenois” and took a long way to visit the mosaic of the 280 thousand plots of the vineyards in order to look for the exceptional one. We discovered them from the passionate winegrowers which have the expertise to bring out patiently the best part from the micro-vineyards to the unique characteristics.


We put these rough diamonds into the safe hands of an artist Master Richard Daily in the art of blending. With 17 years’ experiences as cellar Master, Richard Dailly is an expert of method and a genius of Champagne. With him, we’ve defined the original and audacious style of Champagne House Delphine REVILLON.


The code of the brand REVILLON constructed since the centuries in the universe of Luxe and the French “Art de vivre” with the values Elegance, Character and Refinement. From these values, we have revealed an interpretation in effervescence, with three cuvées which consist of the promise of an original taste experience with Champagne, around a coherent identity which made the signature of our Champagne House.

The Champagne with an
Original and Audacious Style

Out first cuvée, the Brut Secret, is an homage to the champagne expertise with complex and subtle blending of several dozens of vineyards which emphasizes to Pinot Meuier, a type of grape rarely highlighted but Richard has worked in the balance of maturity to succeed a Champagne pleasure, universal, which will delight the palate and will make people hear its secrets.


The Rosé Extra Brut, is like its name pointing out, a particularly surprising blending since it is a rarity in Champagne. Here, it is the occasion to offer a delicate salmon pink color to the wine. Its aromas are distinguished with the expression of small berry fruits in the center of the refinement universe obtained by a optimum maturation in the cellars. An “inédit” character assumed by an Extra Dry dosage.


Mono-vineyard, mono type of grape, mono-year, the prestige cuvée of our Champagne House has all the exclusivity! Elaborated based on Chardonnay from the best plots in Vertus area, classified as  “Premier Cru”, our 2008 millésime is a discovery invitation to the “Côte des Blancs” with its fullness and its complexity. Long years in cellars patiently sublimated this vintage which has kept a fabulous freshness and a sparkling purity. A length in the mouth that invites a second tasting. A Champagne for the most demanding and sensible amateurs to have an exceptional taste experience.



A Universe Celebrating
The French “Art de Vivre”

« The secret » is also the title of our short-length product through collaboration with studios PixMeUp and its director Nicolas Evrard, and which celebrates the universe of the brand of Delphine REVILLON. Nicolas knew admirably how to capture the context and the values: elegance, character and refinement of our Champagne House for composing with them an original scenario and hand-stitched aesthetic of  Champagne for photography.


We are very delightful to share with every Champagne lovers this film which, more than presenting our first cuvée, offer an impressive experience with a universe of the French “Art de Vivre”.

A Stylish and Modern Bottle

An another important collaboration is the one we maintained since the origin of the adventure with “Dentelles de Caudry” of Jean BRACQTM . The « Haute Couture » spirit has inspired our two houses whose historical expertise embody the french excellence of taste and fineness all over the world.


After the first apparition of Sylvie Facon’s creation in «The Secret », we have decided to combine our talents to design a bottle entirely wearing a lace reproducing the original pattern which made the reputation of the Jean BRACQTM House. With this exclusive dressing of Champagne, the Delphine REVILLON Champagne House has joined again the expertise and the innovation and has installed definitively the aesthetics of the bottle among the exceptional and  clearly-identifiable signatures.